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Credit Repair merchant account processing refers to a specialized merchant account that is set up specifically for businesses of a high risk nature. Merchant account processing refers to a bank agreeing to process credit card payments in return for charging per-transaction fees (typically these fees are a percentage of each individual sale, and are typically no more than 1%-4%) and monthly service fees for a business. High risk refers to the financial risk that a business poses to the merchant account provider - the bank. Your typical store or restaurant does not usually pose any type of financial risk to a bank, beyond the normal risk of fraud and theft. Credit Counseler or restoration natured businesses include credit repair companies, startups financial services, law firm and attorney based foreclosure, high volume loan processing and loan modification, lower interest rates and restore your clients credit. These have risks of fraud and theft and chargebacks, but due to the nature of the credit counseling and restoration businesses the risks are even higher. High risk merchant account processing is available for high risk credit repair businesses that meet certain criteria.

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Solutions for Startups and New Companies

The costs of high risk merchant account processing for startups and new firms can vary. Upfront costs include an application fee, and sometimes a setup fee. We do not charge any application or setup fees! Depending on how risky the high risk business is, and the credit history of the credit repair company business owner and operator that is applying for the high risk merchant account processing, there may be additional security deposits that will be required in order to approve the account. Once the account is ready for use, fees are limited to transaction charges, batch header fees, and monthly service charges.

How to Get Setup and Approved for Credit Counseling Services

Once the high risk merchant account processing account is set up, the high risk credit repair and counseling or restoration business is ready to process credit card payments. This is done with the use of credit card processing equipment or virtual terminal. When a customer is ready to pay for their transaction, they hand their credit card to the merchant. The merchant swipes the card through the credit card processing equipment, enters in the transaction amount, confirms the transaction, and then submits it for authorization. The credit restoration merchant account processing account transmits the transaction to the issuing bank, where the transaction is authorized. The funds are then transferred through the high risk merchant account processing services to the merchant's bank. The entire process takes less than a minute, and the funds are available in the merchant's account in a few days, or in some instances, just a few hours.