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We now have multiple banks and options for credit repair companies including Credit Card, Debit Card, and ACH Processing Services

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Our Payment Gateway

EPayments Global utilizes a certified PCI-compliant secure internet payment gateway that provides merchants with secure payment forms and server-to-server integration services.

Our online transaction administration tool provides the merchant with :

Transaction Monitoring: Monitor trading activities in real time. 

Transaction Search: Search for individual transactions and chargebacks.

Refunds: Easily refund any approved transaction via the search results page or any transaction details page.
Transaction Reports: Daily, weekly and monthly reports.
Billing Statements: Generate weekly statements for every merchant and at any time, you can login to review your billing statements.
Over the years, our gateway processing platform has been developed into a state-of-the-art, secure, centralized, internet- based application to meet the exact demands of the credit repair industry. We are constantly striving to provide innovations to help you maintain your online business, minimize your refunds, keep chargebacks low, and protect you from fraudulent transactions.


Epayments Global's payment gateway features ensure that it is a secure and reliable environment for your online credit card processing:
- All data streams managed and directed in real time
- All transaction data validated and authenticated prior to forwarding to the acquirer
- 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption key
- Risk Check Module to catch, combat and block fraudulent transactions
- Extensive negative database continually updated
- Firewalled and encrypted database
- Complete back office accounting module
- Regularly audited by external experts to ensure gateway security
- Geographical IP address location check
- Issuing bank BIN Number country match 
- Real-time Address Verification Check (AVS)
- Rebilling system for subscription/membership sites management