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We now have multiple banks and options for credit repair companies,agencies,firms,startups,merchant account for credit repair agency. Also includes Credit Card, Debit Card, and ACH Processing Services

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Merchant Credit Restoration Solutions

For debt collection and credit repair merchants, changing credit card processors can seem too cumbersome to even consider. Also the credit repair industry is very often classified as "high risk" and most banks will not support or underwrite. Especially startup companies. And merchant banks are VERY aware of this. During the initial set up of your Internet merchant account, you were most likely considered an internet start-up or a high-risk account. Discount rates, gateway fees, and volume caps might have been pre-set based on that criteria.

What happens when your merchant criteria changes?

Absolutely Nothing. This is where our company can help you. We offer better rates then our restoration competitors merchant services. With years of e-commerce payment processing experience under our belts(and skirts), We will review your merchant processing statements (pricing including interchange, gateway fees, AVS fees, downgrades), look at your track record which includes chargebacks and company growth. Then we will provide you with a detailed cost savings analysis. By implementing some or all of our customized recommendations, you should see a savings of approximately 5-50% in both soft and hard costs. For mid to large-sized e-commerce merchants, this represents thousands of dollars in annual savings. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and see how we can help your company reduce credit card and ACH fees, add additional payment methods such as checks, establish a secondary account to avoid volume caps, and simplify your vendor relationships. Please complete our quick and easy sign-up request form. All information submitted is confidential. You will be contacted via email or telephone within 24 hours or less.

New or Startup Companies OK

If you are a New Business Owner, who has just launched your online business, let us take care of you. Epayments is specially designed for new credit repair merchants who need the security and reliability of a third-party billing solution. Your customers will utilize epayments secure payment page and will use our 24/7 customer support help desk. Epayments Global is a worry-free solution where we take care of managing the risk and fraud prevention. Getting started is fast and easy. You will receive personal customer service and technical support throughout the process and your customers will appreciate the benefit of our 24/7 cardholders help desk. There are no set-up fees, monthly fees or transaction fees. Your money will be transferred to your bank account daily. You will be able to review and monitor your processing figures at any time.

Dont get Closed or Shutoff

If you currently have an established credit repair website and you looking for better rates, reliable payouts, higher fraud prevention, and security, or if you need to diversify your processing channels, EPayments is the right solution for you. Payments Global is a fully customizable service that helps strengthen your brand. We will assist you in obtaining your own merchant account with one of our acquiring banks and you will enjoy the freedom of having your own branded payment page, the flexibility of using your own customer help desk and managing transaction flow. We will assist you in fighting fraud and keeping chargebacks at the lowest possible level by employing our advanced payment gateway technology and fraud prevention tools, as well as our best risk management practices and experience.

Features and Options

  1. Competitive Rates

    Our credit repair merchant account fees are among the most competitive in the market.

  1. Fast & Easy Approval!

    Our in-depth industry expertise allows us to quickly assess and take a decision on your credit business merchant account application. Please review our service to learn details on the approval and set-up process.

  1. Easy technical integration and full customer support

    Epayments's merchant account solution is highly adaptable to a merchant's existing system. Integration with Credit Repair Merchant can be done with the least of hassles and in the shortest time. Please review our Customer Guide to learn details on the technical integration process.

  1. Rebilling system

    Our advanced rebilling system will successfully manage your membership based website and will ensure that both you and your customers are satisfied and well informed throughout the life of their subscription.

  1. Secure process and advanced fraud prevention

    Our payment gateway technology and advanced fraud prevention tools will help your business manage the risk and maintain chargebacks and refunds at the lowest possible level. Learn more about our Payment and our security and fraud prevention features.

  1. Consistent payouts Your money will be transferred to your bank account daily. You will be able to review and monitor your processing figures at any time.